Triple E launch re-designed Rearfold Runner Accessory

Triple E has a long-established reputation for manufacturing efficient, fit-for-purpose mechanical products and gadgets to aid the movement of curtains and the assembly and construction of stage scenery. As the unique and exacting demands of the industry change, it is often the case that pre-existing pieces of equipment need a review and a refresh to ensure their design adapts to the demands of the applications they are used for.

A manufacturer who recognises this and can evolve a piece of equipment to meet these expectations is one who knows their craft and their customers.  This is exactly what the team at Triple E has done in recent months with their Rearfold accessory for their industry standard UniTrack and UniBeam carriers. 

“The UniTrack system was first launched in 1988, and the Rearfold accessory has been an integral part of the system since that time.  Therefore, a long overdue review of the Rearfold accessory design was implemented” smiles David Edelstein, Founder and Managing Director of Triple E. “The Rearfold carriers enable a curtain as it travels to stack offstage instead of the standard system of stacking from the centre” he continues. “The demand for these accessories has increased and so the design has been changed to ensure not only dimensional accuracy but also to allow us to run a more efficient production process and manufacture greater quantities to match this demand.”

The curtain carrier body of the UniTrack and UniBeam has in recent years changed from steel to an MRP (metal replacement polymer) moulding which is stronger than the metal it has replaced but is lighter and therefore easier to work with. To complement the re-designed runner, the new Rearfold accessory has now been updated with a moulded re-developed rope bridge with snap-in fasteners making it much quicker to fit whilst also improving the efficiency of the carrier. 

“We are delighted to report that this re-design has been met with widespread approval” continues David, “and the production of these updated fittings has been pretty much non-stop since the start of the year.”

For further information on the Rearfold accessory from Triple E please contact the team on 01959 570333.

Fast Track Autumn for Triple E

There are no signs of slowing down for Triple E as an extremely busy year draws to a close. If anything the Kent based stage-engineering manufacturer has a busier team and factory than ever in the run up to the festive season.

“The momentum we have seen in all areas of the business this year is continuing”, reflects Lucy Edelstein.  “The autumn has been incredibly busy and it’s been non-stop since the PLASA Show in September.”

At PLASA, Triple E took the opportunity to present two product prototypes to the industry – the ‘Point System’ and the ‘Bocking Block’.  The Triple E team have been delighted with the initial response from the customers and prospective clients they demonstrated these clever solutions to.  Lucy explains “the Points System is a simple and elegant addition to our 2Way track system, allowing multiple drapes to be used on one track or to create different spaces in one room. With both wired and wireless control all venues will be able to change the feel of their space quickly and easily.” Some customers have been so impressed that Triple E have already sold units pre-production.

Triple E’s new Points System

Meanwhile the Bocking Block has been engineered specifically for the film and TV industries. The Bocking Block is the answer to an industry wide problem on location – how to hang masking in a property when you can’t fix to the walls and is the first product in Triple E’s new Grip Equipment range, providing the wider entertainment industry with a selection of useful widgets, tools and equipment. There are a few solutions in the art designer or grip’s toolbox already, but they’re all taken from other industries and don’t work as effectively as a product specifically designed for this purpose, they’re either too light-weight or too heavy-duty. Not only will the Bocking Block allow you to quickly secure a batten or length of Unistrut in the air, it can also be used as a foot to level something or create an angle required for a clever shot. “I was surprised to hear that such a thing didn’t already exist when Nat Bocking pitched his idea to me. It’s clever, simple and does exactly what it needs to,” smiles Lucy, “Our Mechanical Design Engineer, Simon Bell, has created a fantastic product from Nat’s idea. There really is nothing on the market which matches the versatility or capability of the Bocking Block and we’ve already had fantastic feedback from those in the industry.” This product will be launched to the market early next year.

The PLASA Show wasn’t the only industry event supported by Triple E over the Autumn. In October, Triple E was a major sponsor of the Theatres Trust annual conference. ‘Conference 19: Centre Stage’ took place at Battersea Arts Centre – a venue which has seen a large installation of Triple E’s VariRoller acoustic banners as part of the refurbishment of the Grand Hall following the devastating fire in 2015.

“Supporting the Theatres Trust annual conference is very important to Triple E” states Lucy.  “Triple E’s roots are firmly embedded in the theatre industry, even though our products now serve a diverse number of sectors, and the Theatres Trust Conference is always a great networking event and a chance to reinforce our commitment to theatre.”

Back at Triple E’s HQ they have recently taken delivery of a brand new, high speed CNC lathe. Now fully commissioned, Triple E have the capability to manufacture items up to 400 mm diameter faster than ever before. With the increased capacity this machine provides Triple E are open for more business from customers, new and old. Specialising in short runs and one-offs as well as production runs, to contact Triple E’s precision engineering department email Dave Thorley on dave@triplee.ltd.

The end of the year is clearly proving far from peaceful for Triple E; with exciting projects in the pipeline and additional product developments underway it looks like 2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year.

Delivery of our new lathe